Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile

Audition for Principal Trombone, permanent position with 1 year probation track

  1. The Symphony Orchestra of Chile invites to participate in the audition for Principal Trombone.The winning candidate must be available from July 1st, 2016.

Registrations have to be sent to gutierrezbarria@u.uchile.cl The attached CV must include:

Full name

Birth date

Digital copy of the Passport (jpg or PDF)

Contact details

Training, studies and professional experience (properly documented)

The foreign candidates must enclose an audio-visual record with the following characteristics:

  • The video must show a frontal sight in which the face and hands of the candidate could be seen clearly.
  • Video Format: MP4 – MOV (good quality of sound and image)
  • Three pieces have to be included in the video:
  1. a) Ravel: Bolero
    b) Mozart: Requiem
    c) Rossini: “Guillermo Tell” Overture

Every work must be recorded in one shot without edition

The video must be uploaded to dropbox or similar, in order to could download it by a link.

  1. The audition has two stages:

a) Academic background. The judge will consider the following:

Level of musical studies of the instrument

Level of previous activity with the instrument

Experience in a symphony orchestra

b) Public audition: only qualified candidates will be able to participate in this stage.

  1. The candidates could send their academic background until May, Friday 13th, 2016 and they will be informed at latest on May, Tuesday 17th, 2016 if they were selected for the second round. So they could arrange their travel in advance, which will take place on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, at 14:30 hrs. in the Universidad de Chile, located in Providencia 043 (subway station Baquedano).
  1. The winner of the competition must have the high school diploma and the birth certificate legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his/her country and also by the Consulate of Chile in his/her country (these documents are essential to be hired). This step and also the regularization of the visa of work are in charge of the interested part.
  1. The candidates have to obtain at least a grade of 6,5 to participate in the second stage.
  1. The public examination will be as follows:
  • Candidates must provide their own pianist accompanist
  • There will be a curtain to protect the identity of the competitors
  • The order of the audition will be raffled
  • There will be two stages in this part of the audition
  • The candidates must have a minimum grade of 6,5 in the first stage to could participate in the second stage.
  • The minimum score to aim for the Principal Trombone is 6,5
  • The decision of the judge is unappealable and it will be able to stop the performance of the orchestral solos when it considers it suitable.
  • In case no candidate obtain the minimum score of 6,5, the audition will be null and void.
  1. The repertoire of the competition is as follows:

            First stage: 60%

            Orchestral parts:

  1.             Mahler:          Symphony N°3
  2.             Mozart:          Requiem
  3.             Ravel:                        Bolero
  4.             Verdi             La fuerza del destino
  5.             Berlioz La Damnation
  6.             R. Strauss Vida de héroe
  7.             R. Strauss      So sprach Zarathustra
  8.             Stravinsky      Pulcinella
  9.             Wagner          Las walkirias
  10.             Wagner Tannhäuser Overture
  11.             Schumann    Symphony N°3
  12.             Berlioz         Fantastique Symphonie
  13.             Rossini         “Guillermo Tell” Overture
  14.             Wagner         Lohengrin

            Second stage: 40%

            Trombone concertó by Launy Grondahl




  1. The gross monthly income for post is $2.080.849.- (Chilean pesos).